Welcome to Elshire Technology Consulting

Whether you're having trouble with your office network, your personal computer, or even if you just aren't sure what your needs are for home or office, I can help you.

I have 5 years of experience working in the field of IT and filling roles from many different areas of the business, from security management to enterprise upgrades to helping clients choose the right computer or system for their needs. In all cases I have been able to provide quality service that meets or exceeds their expectations while finding (or negotiating) the most for their money.

And I can do it all cheaper than the big companies.

While some computer repair centers will charge you hundreds of dollars to even look at a virus infected hard drive, I have none of the overhead with all of the expertise.

File recovery, custom built computers, enterprise network design, system upgrades and optimizations can all be done at much more reasonable prices but to the same level of quality by a consultant like myself. I encourage you to explore my website and see for yourself.

Thanks for visiting!